Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Love and laundry...

I started my day with washing our milly's dirty washing after her weekend at a music festival,
today was a perfect day for line drying,
i took one look at her shoe's and thought getting them clean is going to be my challenge of the day'
I made one of my washing recipes and gave them a good scrub followed by a short wash in the machine...voila!
I hung my woven heart that my mum bought me, my mum has one on her front door,so, thats where i hung mine, it look's lovely...
I am so pleased with it,
As soon as the washing was dry, i ironed milly's clothes, i just love laundry, i have to admit i do let the ironing slip and have been known to let it build up into a large pile, i, have decided to do an hour of ironing a day (minimum),

Lastly a picture of our girl,
I have decided to get more organized in the house,inspired by Katy whose blog is The countryblossom,i think this will help me since we are about to sell the house. Our home is alway's clean but not alway's organized which is a big difference. Tomorrow it's kitchen cupboard's plus my slotted hour or more that i will give to the ironing pile.
It's such a lovely feeling when thing's are in order.
Tomorrow is also our jade's birthday.
I so remember this night 25 year's ago, but, more on that tomorrow.
I read a lovely proverb today "Who can find A VIRTUOUS WOMAN for her price is far above rubies"
Now i am by no mean's virtuous, just someone trying to do her best for those that she loves. x

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  1. Gosh I can't believe how clean you got those shoes. I would have given up. The heart looks lovely hung on your door. My daughter turns 38 tommorrow. We had a birthday lunch with her and the grandchildren yesterday. Happy Birthday to your daughter. have a wonderful day.