Monday, 20 August 2012

More photo's...

I am posting some more photos of our day by the river, they are mainly of our jade.
We call our jade "Dolly" as she loves Dolly parton, she is a high maintenance kinda girl, hard working and the funniest gal you could ever wish to meet, she is the sunshine in my day (as are her sisters).
There they sit by the river, our daniel trying to coax jade in.
She is in!
These pics i took in black and white without knowing, the splashing starts,
brother and sister
Oh dolly
One,two,three up we go,
She always makes us laugh, just look at the rest of the gang watching her with laughter,
I love how they are all holding hands x


  1. What sweet pictures. Love the splashing. Your camera and photos really capture the moment. You all look so happy and are having such a FUN time. What a wonderful afternoon. Hope you have many more. take care.