Thursday, 30 August 2012

My girl and me...

Jade booked a day off work today and told me she wanted to just rest, get snuggle at her mum's.
I had planned to clean two bathroom's and do some more organizing and my hourly ironing, it was no hardship to change my workload, i jumped at the chance of having my lovely girl with me all day.
Jade was not lieing when she said she wanted to snuggle up.
I told jade about my new rule i have made about the ironing, she told me "an hour a day keep's the pile away!" i loved it, so true! Because we have a sofa in the kitchen i was able to do my hour of ironing and chat with her at the same time, jade took this picture of me ( i do not alway's like my photo taken).

We chatted so much i was able to do the ironing and wash the fridge out, i asked jade to come upstair's with me while i put the laundry away, she straight away snuggled up in her mum's bed and fell asleep in minutes, all that chattering i guess.
Look at her 25 yrs old and still get's in her mama's bed ha!

I potted about abit not wanting to wake her, i then had this bright idea, i have had this lovely little table for sometime and have not really been happy where ever i put it in the house, i decided to put it next to my bed as a bedside table, it has a little draw in it and is decorated with the distressed look. I carefully carried it upstairs wiped it down not to disturb sleeping beauty.
It look's perfect,

A closer look show's the decor,
Do you know the girl slept through all my clanging about!
Now with all this new regime i am trying to keep to, i , have to address another little issue, PAPERWORK!,
I have never been organized with this so i am going to keep my goal's small and hopefully achievable, i am going to allow 30 mins each evening to sort through a small pile of paper's each evening, it's not the same feeling as with the ironing as i like ironing, i do not like paperwork.
I just keep thinking this will all help me when we come to sell the house and move, hopefully i will know where everything is! She say's!
My girl has gone home now and it's time for me to start dinner. x

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