Friday, 7 September 2012

A room to let...

With the economic situation as it is at the moment, louie and i have realised to make ends meet we have two options. 1) is to move home, downsize, this would mean a smaller home and not live in as nice an area as we do now.
2) Rent a room to student's from the language school that we have in the village, this would be bed,breakfast and an evening meal.
With much shall we, shall we not and i think we have driven our family mad with our constant doubting.
I have said a few prayer's along the way. Last week i put an offer on a house we looked at, the house inside was very comfortable, i would have houses opposite me and a large building development at the bottom of the garden (garden being very small).
This week the lady selling accepted our offer, this then made me realise just how lucky we are to live where we do. The children do not like it much as it is off the beaten track and very quite,but i think louie and i would struggle if we moved back in town.
So we have decided to have a go at renting a room. The student's arrive in the village on the 24 september so we have not got long to have the room ready.
The room we have chosen to rent is a good square size and has lovely big window's, our decorator is now giving it a lick of paint to freshen it up abit.

The colour is a  very light grey, some people shy away from grey but mixed with a nice colour in the accessorie's its a beautiful colour.
I love the large window's in this room,
another angle
I remember this room when we bought the house, nobody had used it for a few year's, the old window's were so rotten we were able to push a pen through the wooden frame's!!!!!!!!!!
My mum use to rent room's for a living and built up a very good reputation, i am so grateful for her advice, my mum and sister will give our little room an inspection once i have furnished it... oh i think the three of us think we are on some reality tv programme ha! x

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