Sunday, 2 September 2012

All aboard...

Last week my mum took my sister and i out for lunch, we passed through a lovely village that has a little steam train, it take's you through the wood's where teady bear's live. With school term starting this week, louie and i decided to take our Zoe, Milly and grandchildren for a ride on the steam train.
We wait with our tickets
here comes the train with a whistle,
all aboard,
look at the face of our little lou lou man, he looks alittle nervous.
Bless him he missed most of the ride, he just could not bring himself to look,
We went through the wood's,

this is where the bear's have their tea party,
their house where they live,
Our Eva loved it, she was taking pictures with her very own camera.
Now i am normally the person behind the camera, it's no secret that i am not comfortable with my photo taken but Milly took this photo of me, so here it is.
I love this photo of  Zoe and Milly, milly start's back at college this week, i miss spending time with her.
What beautiful girls they are, once off the train we made our way to the bouncy castle,lou lou man soon forgot his anxieties and was happier waving to the other children as the train went by.
I love this photo of lou lou man and his mama, they are watching Eva on the swing's.
I love this photo of louie,
My lovely people,
Lastly the gang, we head for home, their are baths to be had, bedtime stories to be read.
My lovely people x


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  1. What an AWESOME DAY!! You indeed have some lovely people!!