Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day 4...

This morning is day 4 without taking my antidepressants, last night was the first time i slept without taking an olanzapine (this is a tablet that helps you sleep). I slept through the night, but, tonight i shall take one as i think withdrawel from these one's should be done slowly, as i want to achieve my goals. So far i have been grateful that the tasks i have set myself i have been able to achieve.
I am truly taking each day at a time, but what keeps me strong is that i know in my mind that i do not want to take these tablets, i know i am ready to let them go, there is no fear attached with this, unlike past efforts.
I am thankful that i have the support of my doctor and my family.
This morning i shall make myself a cup of real coffee (  i only allow myself 1 cup a day), wash the breakfast dishes, put some laundry in the washing machine, later i hope to  paint my skirting board in the bathroom.
I will show pictures later today, i will ask God for strength as i go through my day, my life is very simple at the moment, it really goes from hour to hour.
I miss my mum, she gives me such strength and the wisest of words,but right now my sister needs her, they are on holiday in Italy, my sister was poorly before she went, suffering with exhaustion, hopfully she will come back rested.
I will update later, wishing you a lovely day x

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