Monday, 3 September 2012

I feel torn...

I have had two estate agent's to the house over the last couple of week's, they both gave me their sale's patter, i listened knowing what the next sentence would be (louie and i have bought and sold a few houses over the year's). This house is different, this one was suppose to be the dream, when we bought it within a year the world went into recession, prices went up on the material's, the building control rule's changed dramatically.
The soil in the garden and on the land is clay, everything grow's in it but it's back breaking work, the soil is so heavy!
Everytime i go to put the house up for sale something hold's me back, today i just took a couple of photo's, it was almost like the house was saying "stay awhile".
I do not know what to do, i am going to hand this over to my prayer's.
Our kitchen this morning with the door's wide open.
I just love my kitchen window, the fairy light's look pretty at night,
Down the garden to the gate,
through the gate is our land where i planned to plant an orchard
I guess i need more time before i make a decision. x

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  1. I know it has to be a hard decision!! Your home is lovely!!!