Sunday, 9 September 2012

Our Sunday ...

Louie and i had a simple breakfast this morning as we knew we had to finish sanding and varnishing the floor's, i, have to return the sanding machine to the hire place tomorrow morning as we have hired it on a weekend rate, weekday rate would be much more expensive.
This is louie first thing this morning putting the second coat of varnish on the floor, it will need three coat's before its finished, thankfully it is fast drying.
I decided to cut the grass and put washing on the line, this photo below is my washing line drying but look at the beautiful azure colour sky.
Once the grass was cut i noticed how invasive our neighbour's brambles had become in our garden, they were growing over the shed roof!
I decided to cut them back, i could not find any gloves that would give me some form of protection from the large thorn's. As careful as i could i cut them back but still the razor sharp thorn's pricked my finger's and caught hold of my clothing, i then thought about jesus on the cross, how he had thorn's around his head and had to carry his cross through the street's.
What pain and discomfort he must have been in, yet, he still thought we were all worth his suffering.
By the time i had finished my work in the garden louie was working on the hallway floor, which he is now varnishing as i write this post.
Lastly i have a favourite corner on our land that i use to sit and think, read,swing our grandchildren on the swing, but, since my healthscare last year i could not spend time in this little corner of the world. Today i sat there for awhile and noticed how neglected i have left it, yet i could almost hear the big old apple tree say how its waiting for me to come back. I am going to put this at the top of my priorities as soon as the house is back in order. x

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