Thursday, 6 September 2012

This truly does work...

A few week's back i booked myself a facial at my hairdresser's, it was suppose to be for today, earlier this week the postman kindly delivered our bank statement through the letter box, i opened it and soon enough realised there would be no facial for me anytime soon.
I alway's try to look after my skin, i come from ladie's that have very good skin, my lovely nan was 83 years old when she passed and her skin was like velvet, i never knew her to have a bath or use any beauty product's on her skin, she would strip wash every morning with soap and water.Nan's values were pre war, the eldest of 7 children, a very working class family, not much to go around, the fact that her mother was a wonderful cook saved them from going hungary. Nan was a young mother when the 2nd world war broke out and she never forgot the rationing and how they survived with so little.
My mum has lovely skin and thankfully i have been blessed with skin i am more than happy to have, but, just lately it's felt dry. I made a conscious effort to drink more water, not sit in the sun etc.
Well i looked in my new book Mrs Dunwoody and there she wrote a homemade facial treatment, a recipe that is year's old so i gave it a go!!
You chop up half a cupful of cucumber (i skinned mine first),
half a cup of advocado ( i scooped the soft flesh out),
2 tablespoon's of milk powder,
1 egg white.
I then put it altogether in the blender and gave it a good blitz, until i got a smooth paste.
Make sure it is blended well,
Now cover your face thickly as best as you can, it's alittle messy, tie your hair back off your face. Try and keep this on for 30 minute's, its truly amazing, you even get that tight feel that other face mask's gives you! Then wash with warm clean water and pat your face dry.I was impressed!!! x

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