Sunday, 21 October 2012

just being cosy...

A few pictures on this sunday afternoon, we have lit the woodburner, i have a nice smelling candle burning and a lamb stew in the oven!
A cosy corner to sit in,
Lamb stew for tea
This candle smells lovely x

Friday, 19 October 2012

I have walked our dog!!!

Its been a long week, our Zoe has felt poorly this week, so, i have been going to her house everyday, we have road works on route to zoe's so the journey has taken twice as long!
This afternoon i decided to walk our dog, just as i put my coat on it started to rain, i love the rain so i grabbed my camera and set off down the lane.
We have had to muzzle Wizard, he is a wonderful guard dog but lately he has been aggressive to other dog's.

We took shelter from the rain under the trees,
It felt good to have my wellies on again, it has been such a long time since i walked Wizard on my own.
There was a mist over the field's.
Last sunday evening there was a beautiful rainbow over our village, i quickly ran in the house and grabbed the camera, when i see rainbow's i always think of God's promise. x

Friday, 12 October 2012

It's my dads birthday...

Today is my dad's birthday, he is 72!
The photo above is of him and i, i think i am about two years old.
Wishing my dad a lovely day x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

More photos...

I found more photos of my girls when they were younger, i just had to share them!
The photo below is of my two big girls, Zoe and Jade, they look like little street urchins (in the nicest sense of the word)
What beautiful young women they have become
How our girls loved their conkering.
I have to leave the scanner alone now and get back to picking the camera up, i went on a three mile walk monday and did not take the camera! x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Our new printer...

I have bought a new printer and a shredder, the printer is much needed for when i do louies paper work and for milly when she does her course work. The printer can do more than i know, but milly did show me how to scan a photo, WOW this has opened a can of worms for me as i can share pictures with our family and friends.
I found this lovely photo of louie and i, we were invited to a 40th birthday party,on the invitation it stated dress code black tie.
I remember going with louie to get measured for his suit and i bought a ball dress,i can still remember how exciting it all felt, this photo was taken as we left the house ( i think my mum took it as i recall her telling me i reminded her of her mum)'
Louie looked so handsome, i could not take my eye's off him all evening!!!!!!!!!!!

Another photo of our jade and milly at christmas time
We still have milly's tricycle!!
Tonight i am going to organize our photo's. x