Friday, 19 October 2012

I have walked our dog!!!

Its been a long week, our Zoe has felt poorly this week, so, i have been going to her house everyday, we have road works on route to zoe's so the journey has taken twice as long!
This afternoon i decided to walk our dog, just as i put my coat on it started to rain, i love the rain so i grabbed my camera and set off down the lane.
We have had to muzzle Wizard, he is a wonderful guard dog but lately he has been aggressive to other dog's.

We took shelter from the rain under the trees,
It felt good to have my wellies on again, it has been such a long time since i walked Wizard on my own.
There was a mist over the field's.
Last sunday evening there was a beautiful rainbow over our village, i quickly ran in the house and grabbed the camera, when i see rainbow's i always think of God's promise. x

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