Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Our new printer...

I have bought a new printer and a shredder, the printer is much needed for when i do louies paper work and for milly when she does her course work. The printer can do more than i know, but milly did show me how to scan a photo, WOW this has opened a can of worms for me as i can share pictures with our family and friends.
I found this lovely photo of louie and i, we were invited to a 40th birthday party,on the invitation it stated dress code black tie.
I remember going with louie to get measured for his suit and i bought a ball dress,i can still remember how exciting it all felt, this photo was taken as we left the house ( i think my mum took it as i recall her telling me i reminded her of her mum)'
Louie looked so handsome, i could not take my eye's off him all evening!!!!!!!!!!!

Another photo of our jade and milly at christmas time
We still have milly's tricycle!!
Tonight i am going to organize our photo's. x

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