Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas and some random pictures...

We had a quite christmas, we went out to a hotel for dinner, which, was very lovely.The atmosphere was very calm and welcoming, the food was equally delicious and then it was home to change in comfortable clothes and relax.
My mum flew out to florida to see members of her family, louie and i went to see her christmas eve day, i had good feelings that she was going to have a lovely holiday but what i did not realise was just how much i miss her!
My mum has been a rock to me this year, she has such positive and beautiful energy.
I did not pick the camera up this christmas, so here are some photos i took this year.
I love my dresser
fresh washing on the line makes my heart sing
my girl tucked up in her mama's bed
our garden in the summer
a lovely day down by the river
i love this photo of our dolly
my baby x

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