Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Kitchen table...

Louie decided to put his paper work in order ready to submit to his accountant before the dreaded tax bill in january..
This meaning he has had paperwork covering the whole of the kitchen table all day, i decided to start my chores upstairs, changing the sheets on our bed's, cleaning the large family bathroom, tackling the extendable shower rod that keep's sliding off the tiles whenever one of us has a shower!!
Late morning two load's off washing have been done and hanging out to dry, more refill's of tea for louie still taking up residence at the much needed kitchen table, at one point i sat at the table with him and sipped my tea, not one word did we exchange.
I decided to bake a cake, out came the electric hand mixer, washing up as i went along, my hand's in hot soapy water, me thinking about the mass i went to yesterday at our catholic church, this in turn i thought about each one of my children.
This made me realise how quite our little home seem's, the only sound is louie muttering number's to himself in a quite tone. I quietly leave the house to have my fringe cut in the new hairdresser's we have in the village, next door i pop in our one and only shop, i must have been gone 20 minutes, no, he doe's not even realise i have gone.
I light the woodburner in the kitchen, this keeps us lovely and warm, it creates such a cosy feel, i put the christmas tree lights on and wonder what my children are doing.
The damp in our village seeps in at late afternoon, the secret is to get the stove lit before the damp comes or else you will spend the evening catching your tail!!!
Oh well i hear our dog whining, telling me he wants feeding, i am thinking tomorrow i would like to spend time in the garden, maybe, plant a rose bush, but for now i will make another cup of tea and steal a few pages from my book about a woman who lives in a village, raises her family until she starts empty nesting, her body aches from her labour's in her garden, she describes the season's and talk's about the damp in her village! My kinda gal x

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