Saturday, 14 January 2012


The view from my kitchen door this morning,
it felt bright and frosty, i had to grab the camera,
I love this picture of my picket fence, come spring this will be painted white and a rose bush planted against it!
I bought these pair of russion dolls this week, each one of them has 5 pieces. I am going to give one each to courtney and eva, but before i do this, i thought i might make each doll a handmade draw string bag, so, hopfully this will help the girls not lose the pieces. I have a larger set and when eva sleeps over she plays with them in bed in the morning.
I am also hoping this will inspire me to start sewing again!!
Last night Terri text me asking for instructions of homemade washing powder...its the best!
Following Tammys instructions, i made this up in a plastic container and then put the lid on and gave it a good shake, best way i think as the soda crystals are so fine in the air.
1 cup of Bortex subsitute (as we are not allowed to sell bortex in this country, anymore).
1 cup of soda crystals
1 bar of household soap(grated)
10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil ( i used a lemon /ginger mix)
When i wash white or heavy stained load, i also add i dose of vanish oxi wash to the wash.
Thats it, i think its brillant!
Changing the subject now, i do not know whats wrong but i cannot seem to leave a comment on a couple of my blogger friends, one being TARYTERRE who i know is poorly with the flu, so i do hope she is getting better and i have missed her, she sounds a lovely kind lady. x