Monday, 6 February 2012

Letting Go...

I have had a nice day today, cleaned my kitchen, took a walk through our village (in the snowy slush), worked on our eva's skirt. While doing all these things my mind was a little clouded, i gave great thought to a friendship i have had for many years. The last 3 months have been the most testing time of my life, i have felt many emotions,shock,terror,fear,gratefullness,relief and tiredness and all through this my friend never once picked up the phone. We text about 4 times over this time but i got to thinking, my friend never picks up the phone, it was always me who would do the calling.
A true friendship has to be a two way street, today made me realise how different we have become in ourselves and how we both live our lives.
I realised i have to let this friendship go with love, as my friend does not know me , the woman i am today and we both have very little in common with each other.
My life is very simple today and i have become such a private person, at times to private that this has hindered me socially but i am working on that one, anxiety loves a prisoner!!
I understand my friend and i have just taken different roads, our friendship deserves honesty, so here i am letting go with love, wishing my dear friend all the good that life can bring her and myself an understanding that people change and that is not to be taken personally. x