Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rain,sleet and snow...

As i sit and write my post it is snowing outside, the rain came in the night and all morning,then changed its mind to sleet rain, now we have snow!
What to do on a wet sunday afternoon? Put barbecue spare ribs in the oven and let cook slowly until the meat is soft and tender, bake some jacket potatoes, make a winter salad with what you have in the fridge, plenty of cheese and sour cream for the potatoes, and, for afters, leftover birthday cake with a milky coffee.
Start another homemade cushion cover while watching rugby on the t.v, i do not understand this game (i am not a sporty gal) but it does hold me.
The woodstove is burning nicely giving the kitchen a cosy feel, the snowflakes are getting large and fluffy.
I have lit some tea light candles, feeling contented. x