Monday, 26 March 2012

Another beautiful day...

Milly & jake took full advantage of the beautiful sunshine, they spent the afternoon sitting on the grass at the bottom of our garden.
I spent an hour with our reverend this afternoon, we had a cup of tea together and talked about many things.
When i left christine gave me a prayer, one to be said before i go to sleep at night, she calls it the sleep prayer,
May the cross of the son of God,
which is mightier than all the hosts of evil
and more glorious than all the hosts of heaven,
stay with me in my going out and my coming in.
By day and by night, at morning and at evening,
at all times and in all places may it protect and defend me. Amen.
This evening i took a picture of the sun going down, the sun sets at the front of our house behind the trees, its always a beautiful sight. x