Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spring blossom...

Another beautiful day, we have two plum trees and the blossom has come out, i could not resist taking pictures today.
They are both victoria plum trees,
Lovely blossom.
Our clematis is about to bloom, these flowers never look up but they are so beautiful,

Louie setting his rodent traps, i keep telling him, this little village we live in is beautiful, i am sure the rodents love living here as much as we do!
 He set three yesterday and all three were occupied this morning,
I have louies work shirts to iron, while, i listen to music from Katy's blog, The country blossom.
I cooked a ham in marmalade syrup which we will have with baked potatoes and salad, our kitchen smells mouth watering lovely.
I am going to a Taize service tonight, its held by candle light, an hour of reflection with gentle string music.
On with the ironing, have a lovely palms sunday. x