Thursday, 12 April 2012

Update on my day...

Poor jade was sent home from work this morning, her doctors would not give her an appointment today, she forgot to inform them that two years ago she had glandular fever.
I called the doctors myself, gave jades history of this throat virus, they kindly saw her at miday. Swabs were taken and she has to go back to see her doctor tomorrow, in the mean time, lots of rest and pain relief.
She looks a poorly girl.
So tomorrow i will have to take my mum to the garden centre in my dusty car, we are buying trees so it probably wont matter! x

Another beautiful spring day...

I decided to write my blog in the morning today, i have washed breakfast dishes, put a load of laundry in the washing machine, i need to clean my car today at some point. Its a bit of a working vehicle rather than a family car, but i am taking my mum to the garden centre tomorrow so i feel i must make the effort.
I am still waiting for my tasha tudor book to arrive, it seems like its taking forever, maybe its just me looking forward to it so much.
Zoe and jade are not feeling well at the moment, jade sounds like she has tonsilities (hope i have spelt that correct), jade has gone into work but i think she should have took the day off and rested.
I am now going to make beds and read my bible for awhile before i start more household chores, most days i have the day all to myself, it sometimes gets lonely but i love being at home, as i get older i have become more of a home bird.
Well i will write again later, wishing all that pass by my blog a lovely day x