Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Our little man...

I just wanted to write a quick post before i get ready for bed, thankfully i had a productive day, i had a lovely visit with zoe this morning.
I then went and bought some storage box's, we have a trunk full of photo's that need putting into storage as i need the space in the trunk for louies paper work.
I came home and made a sausage stew, i needed to make dinner early in the day as i could re-heat it this evening.
This evening was our lou lou man's naming ceremony at his school, we had to arrive at the school at 6pm which is normally meal time in our house.
Lou lou man is now in school all day, this is a picture of him in his school uniform,he looks so grown up.
Lou lou man waited his turn to light his candle and be accepted by the light of God in his school name.
Look at the concentration on his face, his mama was so emotional.
All the candles lit for the new children starting their school life....it was beautiful x

Happy Birthday...

Today is our Zoe's birthday, she came into the world 28 years ago weighing 5lb 15oz!
She is a lovely person and like her sister's a wonderful daughter, we have been blessed.
Zoe also celebrates  one year today of sobriety, her nan has got her the AA token, zoe was not a big drinker but the problem was if she only had one drink it would make her feel ill for day's.
I so admire her to make this decision, she call's it a glass of poison. Her feelings are so strong to what alcohol is doing to so many, she would not even have a glass of wine with a meal.
Zoe is a wonderful mum, she is bringing her two babies up under the guidence of her catholic faith, the picture above is of zoe and lou lou man, he adores his mama!!
Well time to finish my coffee and run, i want to see zoe this morning before she goes to work, wishing you all a lovely day x