Thursday, 26 December 2013

Our Christmas...

Christmas eve day Jade and ian came over for dinner, first thing in the morning i baked another batch of homemade mince pie's. I slow roasted a ham and gave it a honey glaze.
Our ham was a success,
Zoe came over to exchange our presents, little lou lou man looks excited for the big day,
There was cuddles and laughter,
Later we have dinner together,
This christmas day jade and ian will spend the day with Ian's parents, zoe is staying at home, so, our christmas meal was louie,milly and our student and i.
We all had lovely presents, for our christmas meal i cook a three bird roast, i chose chicken,pheasant and partridge,
Louie carves our meat,
We had a lovely day, in the evening i worked on my shawl i am crocheting, i find this relaxes me and gives me time to reflect over our day. Tomorrow we will all spend the day together and zoe,eva and lou lou man will stay over, how blessed we are :) x

Monday, 23 December 2013

Happy Christmas...

I tried to keep christmas simple, we put our tree up,
added alittle tinsel here and there, i was able to buy this gingham tinsel for a £1 at the pound shop!
I have baked homemade mince pie's, they do not last long in our home so it becomes on going ;)
I love these pretty baubles i hang from the kitchen light, i am going to keep them up all year round,
I decided to wrap our presents in brown paper and red ribbon, for the smaller presents i bought some old piano music paper(from a charity shop) and used this for the wrapping paper,
I used a simple stamp with those magic words to stamp the gift tag's to family.
Last week our two big girls came over for dinner, we had an evening together,
Our zoe and jade,
I miss them living at home,
My beautiful daughter's, how i am blessed as their ma.
I wish all my blogging friends a very healthy and happy christmas x

Monday, 9 December 2013

* Home *

This is the snug area in our kitchen, i have spent the day cleaning so i have more free time this week to hopefully finish my christmas shopping.
You see the bookcase in the right hand corner? I am going to buy some paint tomorrow to give it a lick of paint in a light colour, my books are in boxes in our bedroom and i need to bring them back where i can see them. I love getting lost in the pages curled up in the evening. x

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Alittle christmas magic...

I felt alittle christmas magic creep in to our kitchen this morning, we were all up and had breakfast, louie went out to chop wood and do jobs in the garden, i had a few cleaning jobs in the kitchen that needed ticking off the list before christmas. I am slowly putting christmas decorations around our home. I was busy going about my business when i had a moment where i wanted to remind myself of proverb 31, i find great comfort and wisdom in these words.
 I do not feel these word mean for me to be subservient, but to love my role as a partner and mother, i have moments where i struggle but my heart is with good intention, and i hold my position in this lovely family of mine with much love.
I hang some christmas baubles from the kitchen light, i think i will keep them up after christmas.
Do you like these little paper lanterns? I have hung them on my book shelves, in those lovely tins i keep my assortments of buttons, and cotton reel's.The book in the background is by Shirley Hughes, she writes and illustrates it for the little girl that lives in her, its beautiful, my girls use to love her books when they were little, i still have them all :)
This evening i am sitting by the woodburner and hope to finish crocheting my bunting. x

Friday, 6 December 2013

It's been awhile....

I have been thinking about my blog for awhile, i read everyday my favourite blogs but i could not seem to find words for my own blog. I know this happens from time to time for most of us in blogging land. Since my last post i have turned 50, that was ok and i kept life really simple.
I am still having foreign students, infact we will have a swiss girl over the christmas holiday's, its given me a small income which in turn has given me independence. 
Recently i had a lovely day in London with my sister,we caught the train to Kings Cross station, just as we arrived a gale force wind nearly took my sister off her feet!! Then came a heavy downpour and soaked us, which left us feeling cold and damp. We jumped in a london cab ( this all sounds very romantic :)) and headed off to borough market, we found this lovely restaurant where we had a hot chocolate to warm us while we decided what to eat, we sat by an upstairs window over looking the market and the Shard, it was perfect.
We arrive at Kings Cross,
the funny thing is i do not remember taking this picture of my sister in mid storm!
This was my view out of the cab window ha!
The hot chocolate warms our shivering selves,
I am getting alittle better having photo's taken of me, i am looking out to the market,
The Shard, the tallest building in europe, our mum went to the very top this year!
I want to write so much, but louie has just walked in for his dinner and i need to get moving. Very briefly i am crocheting bunting and i have picked up my paint brush at LAST! X

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A tired girl tonight...

I thought i must write my blog this evening before i fall asleep, the last 10 days have been alittle trying, i went for my 2nd mamogram 10 days ago, this morning there was no post so i decided to call the breast clinic, i could wait no longer for the results, i am so relieved my mamogram is clear, i thank my God for his love he has given me in the last few weeks.
 Louie and i took another trip to the seaside this weekend, we went on our own, it was such a beautiful sunny day, we ate fish and chips ( well louie did) and dutch pancakes.
Tea for two
We watched the birds dive in the water to catch the fish, the view was breath taking,
 We headed down to the beach as i wanted to show louie the beach huts, there was one for sale, i enquired how much...£60,000!
The view from the huts was beautiful,
I guess thats what you call a £60,000 view!
There were some that needed some tlc,

I loved this one. 
Today i made homemade apple and blackberry pie,it was not my best, it needed more sugar.
Well its been a long day, a very thankful day, but i am ready for my bed. x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Catch up...

Last saturday we went to the seaside where zoe and grandchildren spent the weekend, the weather was beautiful, louie drove so i was able to just sit and enjoy the journey.
We arrived about midday and went down to the beach where there was alittle row of beach huts, these little dwellings fascinate me,
Eva and lou lou man wanted to go in the sea, they are both on the verge of being able to swim, 
lou lou man loves skimming pebbles in the sea,
We had ice creams, ( i had jellied eel's :)),
this little man is growing so fast,
Those famous jellied eel's!
We took some family photo's, i love this photo of our zoe,
I am getting better at having my picture taken. 
We still have our student, this keeps me busy and i feel like i am earning alittle bit extra.
I have started walking our dog in the mornings, the exercise is good for me mentally and physically, the lane looks beautiful at the moment,

I am now busy crocheting dish clothes...they are the best for cleaning! :)

Monday, 26 August 2013

My weekend...

 My weekend started out to lunch with my mum and sister,we went to a lovely restaurant by the river, we chatted and went down memory lane, my sister moved in her new home this weekend so we had much to talk about, on the car journey home they had me crying with laughter!
Saturday it rained and i just potted round the house in the morning and went out in the afternoon to see old friends. Sunday louie took me for lunch i had Goats cheese salad, i did not want that to end, we called by to see my sister's new home, its beautiful, it has lovely energy,i, think she is going to be so happy there.
This morning i woke feeling alittle weepy and anxious, i have my mamogram this friday, my second one since my health scare, louie calmed my thoughts and i read my morning verse by charles spurgeon. Louie and i decided to go into town, i needed to change a dress i had bought, town seemed to be buzzing, there was alot of street entertainer's,
We done some clothes shopping, i changed my dress for a better fitted one (sorry no photo's),louie bought a new shirt and a waist coat, it looked like it was made for him,
after a while we began to feel hungry, so i told louie about an italien restaurant i have used a couple of times with the girls,off we trotted,table for two and my treat, i dont think he was comfortable at first with me paying, but i am earning now with my students money.
While writing this post i came across a lovely photo of our lou lou man playing draughts with la, he beat her three times in a row!
Well tomorrow is back to my daily routine, its been a lovely bank holiday weekend, our milly (la) went to notting hill carnival today and our dolly is in rome,we will all have much to talk about once we all get together, best wishes x