Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What did i do today?

I have had one of those days where i cleaned and cleaned but nothing felt clean! Ever get one of those days??
However this morning after washing breakfast dishes and doing my hour a day ironing (i could not bare to have an ironing pile now) i started on my project.
We have renovated this home of ours on a shoe string, when building the extension i rang round builders merchants daily to get the best prices on materials and saved myself a small fortune.
When the time came to decorate the kitchen the pot was well and truly empty on funds, a builder friend offered us some kitchen tiles that he had left over from a job two years before,i was truly grateful and as plain as they were i could live with them, the original idea was to have plain tiles with the odd tile decorated with a vintage rose, i , think one  rose tile would have cost me what i paid the builder for all his tiles! Anyway i am waffling now, back to my project, sunday i went to our cath kidson shop and bought a sheet of wrapping paper in the sale for a £1, this morning i made a cardboard template of my kitchen tile and cut out motifs from my wrapping paper. Now i have just found this glue/varnish called mod podge i bought it from hobby craft, its water based.
I stuck the motifs on each tile ( i covered six tiles) and gave each motif a coat or more of mod podge to act as a varnish, this is my work in progress;
now for the cutting
You can see where i am going with this
now to get sticking and varnishing
the rose above is on my windowsill
the wrinkles dry out
job done and i love them, i did not want to do to many and lose the effect, an added bonus they are completely washable, i just love them!!
I already have my next project in mind, it was lovely to just concentrate on something interesting and forget all about your worries and woes. x
I have to confess i found out about mod podge from the blog Chipper Nelly.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Random photos from sunday...

Our milly sorted my problem i had with uploading.
Here are sunday's photos,
Saint Mary's church at our market square
Louie with my mum
Louie with my sister, now they are a funny couple
I bought these carrots from the farmers market, you could taste the difference from supermarket carrots.
The snow was settling when arrived home
Louie bought me this beautiful book, lots of lovely pictures 
Finally a picture of my baby girl curled up on the sofa
Tomorrow i have a project, i will tell all, with photo's tomorrow.
My eyelids are getting heavy so i guess its time for bed. Good night all x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Farmers market

I have taken some lovely pics with my new phone and for some reason my lap top will not let me upload pics on my blog!!
The day started off good i put louies work trousers in the wash with £280 in the back pocket...what was i thinking, i always check pockets!!
Louie and i went to the farmers market this morning, it was snowing,the scene looked lovely, we bumped into my mum and sister, out came my phone and i took some lovely photos of them...oh its so frustrating that i cannot share them with you.
I am not going to give up, i am going to fiddle about press buttons and see what happens, i will return with photos.x

Thursday, 10 January 2013

This and that...

My mum is still not home, i think i got the wrong date, i think she is travelling home today.
We have been warned of artic conditions coming this weekend, you could feel a drop in the temperature today,louie chopped wood today so we have a good store before the winter chill comes.
Today i have sorted my sewing box out and hope to start my sewing again soon,i think i will start with making some quirky pillowcases. I also want to find some nice vintage paper and make some paper lanterns to decorate my dresser in the kitchen.
I found some photos of the house taken last year...
pretty things
i love blackberry picking
homemade apple crumble
homemade lemon meringue
time to start sewing again
Time for bed now x


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

she is home...

My jade called tonight,SHE IS HOME, i have missed her so much, i have not seen her since christmas eve.
She is my sweet funny gal!!!!!!!
Now my mum is travelling back home today after spending christmas in florida, i have missed her to, one home another one to go!:) x

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Clay soil...

I have cried pretty much everyday this week, our daughter jade has been abroad since before new year, my mum went to florida christmas day and either of them wont be home until next week, i have missed my girl terribly and my mum.
Today louie helped me plant a rose bush in the garden and a cherry tree, i nearly burst into tears again as the clay soil is so hard to work with, its heavy,sticky and just down right difficult!!!!! I asked louie if we can sell the house just because we have clay soil, this is a conversation we have had many times but it never amounts to anything.
Tomorrow i am going to go back out into the garden and plant a plum tree, i have got to get the better of this soil!!!
I thought if i posted some pictures of the garden at its best this will encourage me not to give in...
the bottom of the garden
fun time
my washing line
our lane near our home
the winter view from milly's bedroom window
our lane in winter
reminds me i have not made scones lately.
Well just a few odd photos to remind me of why i choose to live here. x