Saturday, 5 January 2013

Clay soil...

I have cried pretty much everyday this week, our daughter jade has been abroad since before new year, my mum went to florida christmas day and either of them wont be home until next week, i have missed my girl terribly and my mum.
Today louie helped me plant a rose bush in the garden and a cherry tree, i nearly burst into tears again as the clay soil is so hard to work with, its heavy,sticky and just down right difficult!!!!! I asked louie if we can sell the house just because we have clay soil, this is a conversation we have had many times but it never amounts to anything.
Tomorrow i am going to go back out into the garden and plant a plum tree, i have got to get the better of this soil!!!
I thought if i posted some pictures of the garden at its best this will encourage me not to give in...
the bottom of the garden
fun time
my washing line
our lane near our home
the winter view from milly's bedroom window
our lane in winter
reminds me i have not made scones lately.
Well just a few odd photos to remind me of why i choose to live here. x


  1. I'm sorry that you are having such a rough time! (((HUGS))) Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!! your garden is lovely!!

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