Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I am so eager to learn to crochet, i want to crochet our eva a poncho and make thick woolly socks.
I love french beans
Tomorrow i am going to make a tomato salad
Homemade bread.
A prayer before i go to bed;

Good night x

Sunday, 24 February 2013

A day out with Clara...

Last thursday my lovely friend clara and i went out to a junk shop i have recently found, well its more of a small junk warehouse, its out of town so its cheap as chips. Our clara was so excited that i had to tell her not to show her excitment incase they put the prices up!!!!
Now lady luck was with our clara, she found some lovely bargains,
Look at her, i told her not to show her excitment!
Now she gets down to some serious treasure hunting.
I  asked clara what was her favourite find? she says "all of it", you know you have had a good day when you feel like that.
I bought some pretty coloured glass pieces,
The pretty little dish, clara gave to me, i have put it on my bedside cabinet.
I bought a couple of books, a beautiful little picture of praying hands.

I love this book, its so interesting,
It was a lovely day and i love spending time with clara, i now have to think of another place to go for our next trip! x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Time flies...

Its been nine days since our student Gaia arrived, she tells me she is very happy.
I cannot believe how quick the time has gone, Gaia is only with us for four weeks, i am really enjoying having her here, its changed my daily routine for the better.
I have decided to get back to my crafting, i want to learn myself to crochet, my aim is to crochet my lovely grandaughter eva a poncho.
Secondly i want to give an old stool that i have, a makeover, more of that  later.
Tomorrow i am taking my dear friend clara to a junk shop, i am so looking forward to this and i will take plenty of photos.
I just feel like posting some random pictures,

Eva having pancakes at nanies
lou lou man and his ga
Eva and her mama
making lollies at nanies
my dad with my two big girls(zoe and jade).x


Sunday, 17 February 2013


Its been a busy weekend, our children came over on saturday afternoon, saturday evening we went out with friends.
Today our other friends dan and kate took us out for dinner, it was lovely.
This is a picture of louie and dan, it was dan's 50th birthday party a couple of weeks ago and i managed to get a snapshot of them in deep conversation.
This is Kate ,dan's partner, she is a very dear friend to me, she has so much kindness.
How lucky we are to have such thoughtful friends in our lives.x

Saturday, 16 February 2013

How they laugh...

The kitchen was full of laughter this afternoon, all my lovely children sat round the kitchen table.
Jade and milly make the tea:)
our beautiful jade
what sister's sit on each others laps? These two do, they always have done, jade is 25 and zoe is 28!!
our lovely girl milly
our daniel laughing at his sister's
my dad, oh how i want them all to move back home, but alas no, children have to flie the nest, i am holding onto milly with both hands! :) x

Friday, 15 February 2013


I spent the day today nesting, i just wanted to stay home and do my chores, changing the bed sheets, laundry, baking and my hour a day ironing. Some may think this very boring, but, i find this a lovely feeling, knowing the house is in tip top condition.
My washing drying on the line at last
Time to do some baking
I miss the children licking the bowl
My upside down pineapple cake.
Its been a lovely day x

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Smiles and hot chocolate...

This is our lou lou man,his sister Eva was poorly today and had to go to the doctors, she has an ear infection.The doctor gave her antibiotics, so , on the way home their lovely mama (
zoe) took them for a hot chocolate, smiles all round! :)
This is the poorly girl, i think this is her first  smile all week! you can see she is not herself, her eyes look tired,with alittle bit of tender loving care she will be better soon.
Today is the start of lent, i have decided to give up chocolate, i do not have a very sweet tooth but i am in the habit of having alittle bit of chocolate in the evenings. I thought about jesus today, in the desert with no food and the devil constantly trying to tempt him. I wonder how much i will be tempted to give up and eat my chocolate, this will be only a tiny speck of sand to what jesus went through.
I pray to stay strong.x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

such beauty...

Its day 3 with our student, i have to say she is a delightful young lady and i feel very comfortable with her in our home.
Milly has taken a shine to her, i think milly enjoys learning about other cultures and is curious how other people live.
I am enjoying my new routine concerning my housework and the house seems to be more organised, how can one extra person living under our roof  have such an impact to my daily chores?
Saturday i took our jade and milly out for lunch, it was lovely, we, went to a restaurant by the river, sat by an open fire and just enjoyed each others company.
two of my beautiful girls
our jade
our milly, my baby  girl growing into a beautiful young lady just like her sisters.
I watch them laugh and joke with one another, i notice how alike they are, yet, all three sisters are unique, sometimes i see them talk to each other with their eyes and not a word needs to be spoken.
Sometimes my heart feels alittle heavy as i wonder what my own sister and i would have been like as young women had we been raised together. x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Anticipation or Fear?

When we moved into our house six years ago, the plan was to get the house up and running in a condition that we could rent a room to a student from the language school in the village.
This would be a nice little bit of extra income and i would feel like i was contributing towards anything we needed.
We have had the room ready for sometime but i just lost my nerve, for awhile now i have felt very anxious over the smallest thing, i often get tearful and sometimes seek reassurance from my loved ones. Then one day a few weeks ago the lady from the language school rang me to ask if i would take    an italian  young lady, for, four weeks. With no excuse to offer i accepted, i cannot tell you how anxious i have felt these last couple of weeks, everyday i was thinking i would cancel this arrangement, everyday i felt panicky, i lost confidence about my abillities to keep a clean home and my cooking.
In this time my doctor suggests i have a blood tests to see what my hormones are up to, friday it was confirmed i am in the menopause, today our student arrived, she immediately felt comfortable in our home, what a relief.
Fear has gripped me so much these last few weeks, anticipation i constantly battled with when the demons were never real, what a powerful emotion fear can be and how it tricks you to believing you cannot cope.
Now i know i am in the menopause emotions seem to make sense.
Today i cooked a lovely roast lamb dinner with homemade bread and butter pudding, our student Gaia is comfortable in her room.
I thank all my family for their support but the biggest heartfelt thank you i give to my daughter milly for giving me her strength and her constant loving words.
I have no pictures of today but i am smiling as i write this post. x