Sunday, 24 February 2013

A day out with Clara...

Last thursday my lovely friend clara and i went out to a junk shop i have recently found, well its more of a small junk warehouse, its out of town so its cheap as chips. Our clara was so excited that i had to tell her not to show her excitment incase they put the prices up!!!!
Now lady luck was with our clara, she found some lovely bargains,
Look at her, i told her not to show her excitment!
Now she gets down to some serious treasure hunting.
I  asked clara what was her favourite find? she says "all of it", you know you have had a good day when you feel like that.
I bought some pretty coloured glass pieces,
The pretty little dish, clara gave to me, i have put it on my bedside cabinet.
I bought a couple of books, a beautiful little picture of praying hands.

I love this book, its so interesting,
It was a lovely day and i love spending time with clara, i now have to think of another place to go for our next trip! x


  1. I can tell she's enjoying this.

    This is much like our family yard sale. We have five generations, nine households and five thousand square feet full of goodies. We are all cleaning house.

  2. I went to a junk store today. So much fun. Looks like you all had a fun time.

  3. This looked fun, I would love to find a place like this! Heather x