Tuesday, 12 February 2013

such beauty...

Its day 3 with our student, i have to say she is a delightful young lady and i feel very comfortable with her in our home.
Milly has taken a shine to her, i think milly enjoys learning about other cultures and is curious how other people live.
I am enjoying my new routine concerning my housework and the house seems to be more organised, how can one extra person living under our roof  have such an impact to my daily chores?
Saturday i took our jade and milly out for lunch, it was lovely, we, went to a restaurant by the river, sat by an open fire and just enjoyed each others company.
two of my beautiful girls
our jade
our milly, my baby  girl growing into a beautiful young lady just like her sisters.
I watch them laugh and joke with one another, i notice how alike they are, yet, all three sisters are unique, sometimes i see them talk to each other with their eyes and not a word needs to be spoken.
Sometimes my heart feels alittle heavy as i wonder what my own sister and i would have been like as young women had we been raised together. x


  1. We enjoyed our exchange students. We had several German boys and one Spanish girl through the years.

  2. beautiful girls! glad it's working out, Heather x