Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Much to tell...

Louie arrives home tomorrow evening, i am looking forward to hearing all about his time in france. He called home yesterday and told me he has worked everyday, he also said he had been homesick but it has been an experiance.
I think this week has been good for both of us, i have had a lovely week, i have done something everyday out of my normal routine. I have seen people i love, my girls, my grandchildren, my mother and sister, my friend clara and two of her lovely boys, also my friend kate.
I have crochet each evening, i am about to make our zoe a cowl and matching hat.
I have also done louies chores, walking our dog, keeping the wood bin stocked , filling the coal bucket.
This last week has been a huge confidence boost for me, yesterday i went on the guided bus to an old market town, i loved it!! Today i wanted to get back to my routine, so this morning i gave our kitchen a proper spring clean, pulled out washing machines, dishwasher, fridge and the freezer and cleaned them and moped the floor in places you cannot get to.
I rearranged little knick knacks that i love, all this while listening to fm classic gold!!!!
I can feel the crochet hook calling me, so i will post some pictures of my week.
Well the snow came with its cold winds, you can see my foot prints in the snow getting wood.
Can you see the light in the distance?
I think they are hugging each other to keep warm :)
Lou lou man loves playing with those blocks,
how these two love each other, he plays with milly's hair while she lays sleeping.
Now these two are like peas in a pod,
Lamb stew at nanies house,
Zoe keeping warm,
Time for play ha!
Finally its time to wind down with a story before bedtime.
We were all so cosy and warm while it snowed outside, a lovely evening together. x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Home is where the heart is...

A couple of months ago a friend of ours from the village asked louie if he would do some plastering for him in his house in france, i can tell you the thought of it filled me with dread, being home alone, taking responsability of all the daily chores, walking our dog, what if i panic and my anxiety attacks come back? On and on went my thinking pattern, i did cry a few tears in the early days, but, after speaking with my mum, sister and daughters i realised i had to face this and think in a positive way.
Yesterday i waved louie off, i had already put a few projects in place and as time went by i became curious to how i would cope.
Well this morning louie called to say he had, had a long journey, he had arrived last night to find the house had been ransacked, all kitchen appliances had been stolen, there is no heating and he had a bitter cold night with no food as there was nothing to cook on!
I thought about him all day and thought there is a reason why God has put him in this situation, i think we both have lessons to be learnt, it pains me he was cold and hungry, plus i am sitting infront of the woodburner, and have food in the fridge. I am using this time to do the things i do not always have time for or should i say do not MAKE time for.
Yesterday i learnt my double crochet stitch and scallop edging stitch, i also varnished my set of draws.
I have taken this opportunity to pick my grandchildren up from school, yesterday and today. this i will make time for at least once a week.
Here are a few pictures i have taken;
My crochet cowl
my scallop edging stitch
my painted set of draws, they just need one last coat of matt clear varnish
a closer look at the detail
today i bought 8 glass knobs for my set of draws, i like the idea of miss and match
alittle blurred but you can see how pretty they are.
This evening i am going to teach myself another crochet stitch and order some rose scented draw liners to help keep my clothes smelling pretty.
Home for me is definitely where my heart is.
I have just listened to the weather forecast and there is snow on the way! x

Monday, 18 March 2013

Weekend random pics...

A couple of weeks ago i bought an old chest of draws, it cost me £20, i need a set for myself.
I love the shape, so i chose annie sloan paint, its a chalky paint, i was not sure if i liked it at first.
This paint is like no other i have used, its almost like painting with clay, now i am used to it i love it! My advice is to leave the lid off for a couple of hours before you use it,it, makes the paint more creamy.
I have used country grey colour
Sunday we went to see our grandchildren, louie wanted to see them before he goes off on his travels, our Eva did not want her photo taken but little lou lou man loves the camera especially if he has his mama and ga :)
The two louies in our lives,
Wednsday morning louie leaves for france, the weather forecasts wintery weather, so i will make a bowl of popcorn a milkey coffee, radio on and a day painting! Oh i sound so brave, i really will miss louie but i think it will show me how far i have come, it was only a few months ago i could not leave the village without having an anxiety attack.
I will also have plenty of time to practice my crochet stitches, i love crochet and find it theraputic, its very calming.
I have much to do, i will keep you posted, oh i forgot i will spend time reading my book "call the midwife". x

Friday, 15 March 2013

our lane...

A walk down our lane gives me much to think about.
Next week louie goes to france to work so i will be home alone, no, thats not strictly true, milly will be home, our student and wizard our faithful guard dog.
What will i do, i will have to do louie's chores, keeping the wood pile stocked for the woodburner, wizard needs walking everyday.I have started a paint project (pictures to be taken), i have my crochet, i want to take my mum out to lunch, i want to get alittle lazy with meal times and spend time with milly watching the films we like! yes thats a point how will i cope having full control over the t.v remote :)
I have mastered my crochet stitch, a half treble stitch, i had nearly croched my cowl but knew there was faults with it and decided to unravel and start again, it has to be as near perfect as i can make it.
My crochet is calling me as i write, wishing you all a lovely weekend, i will be spending the day with my irish grandchildren on sunday. x

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Yesterday our itallian student Gaia went home, she had stayed with us for a month, the time went so quick! I really enjoyed having her stay with us, she was sad to be going.
 This morning our new student arrived, her name is Nith pronouced Nit, she is 20 years old and from Thailand, she seems a gentle young lady and speaks very good English.
I have not been blogging lately as i am learning myself to crochet, i am practicing the half treble stitch, my aim is to crochet our Eva a poncho!
Last week i also made some bunting for the students bedroom window,its a lovely big bay window crying out for some sort of window decoration, so, i chose bunting.
I treat myself to some Cath Kidson material
this is our students desk area, looking out at that beautiful window watching the birds make their nest in the hedges.
This is our lou lou man having breakfast with his nany last weekend, he had two boiled eggs with bread  and butter! x

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Happy Birthday to our Milly...

Well the clock struck midnight and our baby girl turned 18!!

To our beautiful gal,wishing you lots of fun and laughter x

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Let the celebrations begin...

Today we went out for lunch to celebrate Milly's birthday, i snapped a few photo's, we had good food,( it was mexican)and lovely company.This is a picture of our la before we leave the house.
We arrive at the restaurant, it takes awhile for us to get the seating arrangements sorted!
Nearly there, our jade is pitching her spot.:)
Finally our food arrives, everybody looks pretty impressed,
A sneaky picture of lou lou man eating his popcorn.
Our Jade and lou lou man having a crafty sip of cola, i do not like to see children drinking cola but his mama say's he can have a sip.
Lunch was lovely, we are home now and i sit nice and cosy infront of the fire. x

Friday, 1 March 2013

An evening in with lou lou man...

Today Milly and i spent the day with my sister, we went thrift buying and out for lunch. It was lovely to be together and my sister was good fun.
Its Milly's 18 birthday on sunday, the celebration's start tomorrow, we have a family lunch.
Tonight we have our lou lou man for the evening, what a beautiful boy he is,
Lou lou man loves his jenga, he makes the rules up as he goes along
mirror mirror on the wall, 
our funny boy!
These are milly's farm animals and blocks she has had since a little girl, they are nearly eighteen years old.
I remember buying her blocks for her first christmas and now our grandson is playing with them...time flies when your having fun.
look at her now,
how precious she is to so many.
I do love to see my family around the kitchen table,
Time to play before bedtime,
Jenga blocks make good ramps,
Bedtime calls...more fun to be had tomorrow. x