Thursday, 21 March 2013

Home is where the heart is...

A couple of months ago a friend of ours from the village asked louie if he would do some plastering for him in his house in france, i can tell you the thought of it filled me with dread, being home alone, taking responsability of all the daily chores, walking our dog, what if i panic and my anxiety attacks come back? On and on went my thinking pattern, i did cry a few tears in the early days, but, after speaking with my mum, sister and daughters i realised i had to face this and think in a positive way.
Yesterday i waved louie off, i had already put a few projects in place and as time went by i became curious to how i would cope.
Well this morning louie called to say he had, had a long journey, he had arrived last night to find the house had been ransacked, all kitchen appliances had been stolen, there is no heating and he had a bitter cold night with no food as there was nothing to cook on!
I thought about him all day and thought there is a reason why God has put him in this situation, i think we both have lessons to be learnt, it pains me he was cold and hungry, plus i am sitting infront of the woodburner, and have food in the fridge. I am using this time to do the things i do not always have time for or should i say do not MAKE time for.
Yesterday i learnt my double crochet stitch and scallop edging stitch, i also varnished my set of draws.
I have taken this opportunity to pick my grandchildren up from school, yesterday and today. this i will make time for at least once a week.
Here are a few pictures i have taken;
My crochet cowl
my scallop edging stitch
my painted set of draws, they just need one last coat of matt clear varnish
a closer look at the detail
today i bought 8 glass knobs for my set of draws, i like the idea of miss and match
alittle blurred but you can see how pretty they are.
This evening i am going to teach myself another crochet stitch and order some rose scented draw liners to help keep my clothes smelling pretty.
Home for me is definitely where my heart is.
I have just listened to the weather forecast and there is snow on the way! x


  1. You have been busy. I LOVE that scalloped edge on your crocheting. And the pretty glass knobs are going to look perfect on your dresser drawers when you finish painting it.

  2. I expect he will be so glad to get home!....your crochet looks fab, there's no stopping you now! nice draws too, Heather x