Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Much to tell...

Louie arrives home tomorrow evening, i am looking forward to hearing all about his time in france. He called home yesterday and told me he has worked everyday, he also said he had been homesick but it has been an experiance.
I think this week has been good for both of us, i have had a lovely week, i have done something everyday out of my normal routine. I have seen people i love, my girls, my grandchildren, my mother and sister, my friend clara and two of her lovely boys, also my friend kate.
I have crochet each evening, i am about to make our zoe a cowl and matching hat.
I have also done louies chores, walking our dog, keeping the wood bin stocked , filling the coal bucket.
This last week has been a huge confidence boost for me, yesterday i went on the guided bus to an old market town, i loved it!! Today i wanted to get back to my routine, so this morning i gave our kitchen a proper spring clean, pulled out washing machines, dishwasher, fridge and the freezer and cleaned them and moped the floor in places you cannot get to.
I rearranged little knick knacks that i love, all this while listening to fm classic gold!!!!
I can feel the crochet hook calling me, so i will post some pictures of my week.
Well the snow came with its cold winds, you can see my foot prints in the snow getting wood.
Can you see the light in the distance?
I think they are hugging each other to keep warm :)
Lou lou man loves playing with those blocks,
how these two love each other, he plays with milly's hair while she lays sleeping.
Now these two are like peas in a pod,
Lamb stew at nanies house,
Zoe keeping warm,
Time for play ha!
Finally its time to wind down with a story before bedtime.
We were all so cosy and warm while it snowed outside, a lovely evening together. x


  1. It looks like you kept busy and had a delightful time with your family.

  2. I'm so proud of you!!!! I know you will be glad to have Louis back though!!

  3. looks like you had a lovely week. I like the signs in your garden! have a good easter, Heather x