Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Catch up...

louie is finally home and life is back to its normal routine, louie had a lovely time in france and i really enjoyed the time out of my daily routine.
I am now going through each room, spring cleaning and collecting ideas for future painting projects, talking of painting projects i finally finished my chest of drawers, i gave them a slight distressed look with an aged effect,
a closer look at the detail with the mix of glass knobs,
another look at the top,
the above picture shows you the actual colour, i think the flash on my camera gave the other photos a shadow. I just love the finished look, i am going into town friday to buy some scented draw liners.
Easter weekend louie and i had our grandchildren over night, we took Eva and lou lou man to their favourite restaurant,
abit blurry but lou lou man tucking into his ice cream
look at our girl, she is growing up so fast,
he loves his ga
i do not like my photo taken, but here it is, taken by louie.
Breakfast at nanies,lou lou man always has two boiled eggs and eva loves pancakes with chocolate spread sprinkled with christmas snow (icing sugar).
They must get fed up with me keep taking pictures :) x


  1. I never heard the expression " sprinkled with Christmas snow" before to describe icing sugar. love it. glad your family is back together after your hubby's trip.

  2. I know you are glad to get back into a routine. Love the chest of drawers!! You did great!! Awww, those sweet grandchildren!! Love the photos! I don't know why you don't like your picture taken, because you are gorgeous lady!!

  3. the chest of draws are lovely, nicely finished off with the glass knobs! i wonder where you will put it? your grandchildren look like good little eaters and nice to see a picture of you! Heather x