Saturday, 20 April 2013

The weekend at nanies and ga's...

We have had a lovely day with our Eva and lou lou man, we are having them overnight.
Today they helped me plant a tree in our area we are planting an orchard.
This is how the day unfolded...
The sun shines through our kitchen window, the radio on in the background,
louie cuts the grass ready for when our grandchildren arrive.
Our Dolly and eva arrive first, they had been to a family day at jades (we call her dolly) works, hence the face painting on eva.
Eva is growing so fast, she is waiting for her brother to arrive,
He arrives bearing gifts and chocolate,
my dad call's by for a cup of tea.
lou lou man loves the blackboard i made this week, i found a rectangle board in the garage and painted it with blackboard paint, waited until it dried and hung it on the fence. If you do this try and paint outside or in a well ventilated room as it is very smelly.
Time to get digging, eva gets the wheelbarrow to the ready as we need to dig out a large hole for the plum tree,
They ask me for a ride in the barrow, i remember our girls doing this,
We start digging and eva wants to feel the soil on her feet.
After the tree is planted lou lou man helps to plant some bulbs,
Eva makes her mud pie's, they were so good today and i loved them helping me in the garden. x