Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Emotion's run deep...

I spent time with my family this weekend, we had fun took photo's captured the moment...
our lou lou man with ga's wheelbarrow,
our Eva is so much like her auntie dave (dolly's pet name
by eva)
lou lou man just loves to spin on our swing, look how tight he holds on.
look at them aheap of bodies that wont pose for the camera!
more water games,
cheeky boy,
the house seemed so quite this morning, it has rained heavy for the last two day's,this morning i felt alittle alone after having such a lovely weekend. I lit some candles this morning and put my fairy lights on, there was work to do, i thought alot about my children today, how i miss those childhood years.
My station this morning x

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bank holiday sunday...

We worked on our garden this weekend,but today zoe and our grandchildren came over for sunday dinner, jade and ian called by. The garden is coming together, louie has dug me a patch over and tomorrow i am going to go to our little garden centre in the next village.Today we just chilled and i had the camera to hand,
Lou lou man loves to help his ga,
 they had fun on our swing that hangs from our old appletree,
lou lou loves to spin and swing
its been a lovely day full of sunshine, here is a pic of my flowers under the appletree,
This is lou lou sitting on a log 
Eva loved the swing
Well its been along day and my eyes are feeling heavy, so off to bed i go, best wishes x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

A day in the garden...

Sunshine at last! We spent the day in the garden, i spent the morning on our land, it was so overgrown, i do like the look. I done some weeding where i could.
This clay soil has a mind of its own, most plants grow in it but you are never going to have manicured boarders, our corner on the land almost has a cultivated wildness about it, i truly love it.
We have a picket gate that separates the garden from the land,
My overgrown corner before i started weeding,
I did not want to weed to much as there are plenty of wildflowers, i still managed to feel a sack with the weeds.
My fingernails are now full of soil, my hands are throbbing with the sting of the nettle rash, i dont like to wear gloves only if i have to.
The little pathway around the old appletree,
beautiful bluebells and dicentra,
the cow parsley looks like white lace.
Louie helps me to dig a patch over so i can plant some bee loving flowers,
The view of the back of the house looks nice in the sunshine,
I thought about my sister while i worked in the garden, i think of something funny she said yesterday and smile to myself, i also think over some very wise words she said and thought how lucky i am to have her for a sister.
My corner after much thinking and weeding,
The sunshine was much needed and such a mood lift. x

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cabin fever...

My mood has got alittle low recently, i dont think the weather is helping, cloudy grey days do not give you much incentive to get out and about!
Tomorrow i am going out shopping to buy a birthday present for lou lou man, its also my mums birthday so i am really looking forward to time spent with her and my sister.
I had lou lou man for the day today, he was such a good boy for his nany, he has been poorly the last couple of days and zoe had to attend a funeral today so we agreed for him to stay home with me.
How poorly does he look?
I think he is getting better, he was so pleased when ga came home early,
he loves him so much,
then his ma came back, how he loves his mama,
We had dinner together,
The outdoor chalk board is still giving them fun,
I feel like i should not dwell as life gives us all that we need, but alittle sunhine would not go a miss.x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Our humble dwelling...

This humble dwelling we call home has three large bedroom's and a tiny box room, our grandaughter Eva sleeps in the small room when she stay's over, but i thought it was time for a makeover and decorate it just for her.
I do not like carpet in the house , i really love the painted floorboards look, so i researched my paint and found a paint for floorboards, very hard wearing and they had the colour called chalky white. I ordered it on line and it arrived within 3 day's,
 I gave the floorboards two coat's,we  painted the walls in light french grey, with one wall in cath kidson wallpaper,

The floor has had two coats,
Today i bought new bed linen for her and some window decorations, i hope to have the room finished by the weekend.
Louie has been busy downstairs in our pantry, we had a rotton beam in the floor, infact i fell through the floor! Well he has put a new beam in, plasterboard the walls ready for plastering. I am going to paint the walls ash white, this is where my hoover lives, ironing board, work boots etc etc.
Our home really feel's like its coming together, you know when one room flows into another.
I also worked out in the garden sunday, planted some strawberry plants and tomato plants,
the garden is starting to look alittle special,
at last my hosta's are showing life.
Our home is feeling homely and idea's are coming to mind, bunting, homemade cushion covers, crocheting and gardening. Life is good, i am grateful x

Friday, 10 May 2013

Catch up...

We have started work on our pantry, we have alittle bit of dry rot in the wooden floor, so we aim to replace that and then louie can replaster and paint the walls and i can have my pantry back.
We have had to clear our pantry out so we are abit cluttered in the kitchen, plus i decided to clean and organise my food shelves.
Zoe called this morning to say little lou lou man wanted to come to nanies and ga's, so our milly bused him over to us, he spent most of the afternoon with his ga.As soon as he arrived i made him his favourite honey sandwich.
Lou lou man and ga take a look at the work that needs doing in the pantry,
I think they get alittle overwhelmed and decide to take our dog for a walk to think of their next plan!
They hide from me in the pantry but i can find them:)
lou lou starts to play with wood, he is really starting to hold his imagination for a long length of time.
All this work and thinking gives the boy and his ga an appetite, i love this picture of our lou he looks so grown up,
They are so alike in so many way's.
Time for play, ramps to be made and block towers to build,
it has been a lovely time and zoe and our eva had some girlie time.
On a different note i am reading a book called home making BYJ.R.MILLER D.D, i read about it on katy's blog Thecountryblossom, i was interested and ordered it, its a christian book, it arrived two day's ago, my time is limited for reading on a daily basis but this book makes me feel i want to set the alarm clock an hour early in the morning just to have extra time to read it!
I drink the words, my faith has been in me ever since i can remember, i am far from perfect and have broke the rules, lost my way at times but have always wanted to be the best person i can be.
This book is answering questions i have questioned for along time.
I kinda feel at a crossroads in my life where i want to get to know the real me and do my very best for my family, it explains the importance in a womans role in the family, she is the very core,she can become a queen if she knows her value and works her role to the best of her ability and with God in everything she does. x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday morning...

A couple of weeks back louie went for his first "well man " check up, i guess he is at that age where screening starts. Test's results came back and said he would need further investigation at the hospital, he was fast tracked and our appointment was this morning at 8.45 am.
I know he was alittle anxious, we spent about three hour's in clinic, he had a kidney scan, a camera into his bladder, what an m.o.t! Doctors said they would wait for blood tests to come back but everything appeared normal. We both wispered a thank you to him above and tonight in my prayer's i will thank him again.
This afternoon i walked to the bottom of our land and picked these beautiful flower's, the wonder of nature, how perfect it is. x

Monday, 6 May 2013

Sunshine at last...

I finally got to work out in the garden, there is so much work to be done and many idea's fleeting through my mind.
This morning i potted up two blackcurrant bushes, re-potted some plants that had outgrown there previous homes.
Zoe and the grandchildren came over today, to share our garden with us, they bought a small paddling pool, rubber rings ready for action :)
They are so easily pleased,
Little lou lou man wants to build with some of his ga's tool's
What is he making?
Yep its a see saw,
He looks so pleased with himself!
Eva wants some of the action,
I sit and chat with my big girl,
This is my zoe, my eldest daughter, i am blessed with all three of my girls.
she loves our dog,
my mum call's by for a cup of tea
let the watersports begin,
We had such a lovely day, it felt like a real treat, just to be together.
He loves his mama, its time to go home and get ready for school tomorrow.
A photo with mama and ga,
This picture say's it all, our eva had so much fun. x