Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday morning...

A couple of weeks back louie went for his first "well man " check up, i guess he is at that age where screening starts. Test's results came back and said he would need further investigation at the hospital, he was fast tracked and our appointment was this morning at 8.45 am.
I know he was alittle anxious, we spent about three hour's in clinic, he had a kidney scan, a camera into his bladder, what an m.o.t! Doctors said they would wait for blood tests to come back but everything appeared normal. We both wispered a thank you to him above and tonight in my prayer's i will thank him again.
This afternoon i walked to the bottom of our land and picked these beautiful flower's, the wonder of nature, how perfect it is. x

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  1. LOVELY wildflowers. Glad Louie got normal test results. You must have had a tremendous weight lifted off your shoulders.