Saturday, 25 May 2013

A day in the garden...

Sunshine at last! We spent the day in the garden, i spent the morning on our land, it was so overgrown, i do like the look. I done some weeding where i could.
This clay soil has a mind of its own, most plants grow in it but you are never going to have manicured boarders, our corner on the land almost has a cultivated wildness about it, i truly love it.
We have a picket gate that separates the garden from the land,
My overgrown corner before i started weeding,
I did not want to weed to much as there are plenty of wildflowers, i still managed to feel a sack with the weeds.
My fingernails are now full of soil, my hands are throbbing with the sting of the nettle rash, i dont like to wear gloves only if i have to.
The little pathway around the old appletree,
beautiful bluebells and dicentra,
the cow parsley looks like white lace.
Louie helps me to dig a patch over so i can plant some bee loving flowers,
The view of the back of the house looks nice in the sunshine,
I thought about my sister while i worked in the garden, i think of something funny she said yesterday and smile to myself, i also think over some very wise words she said and thought how lucky i am to have her for a sister.
My corner after much thinking and weeding,
The sunshine was much needed and such a mood lift. x

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  1. That is quite a chore you set about doing. Looks like you accomplished a lot. It's lovely.