Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cabin fever...

My mood has got alittle low recently, i dont think the weather is helping, cloudy grey days do not give you much incentive to get out and about!
Tomorrow i am going out shopping to buy a birthday present for lou lou man, its also my mums birthday so i am really looking forward to time spent with her and my sister.
I had lou lou man for the day today, he was such a good boy for his nany, he has been poorly the last couple of days and zoe had to attend a funeral today so we agreed for him to stay home with me.
How poorly does he look?
I think he is getting better, he was so pleased when ga came home early,
he loves him so much,
then his ma came back, how he loves his mama,
We had dinner together,
The outdoor chalk board is still giving them fun,
I feel like i should not dwell as life gives us all that we need, but alittle sunhine would not go a miss.x


  1. A nice day out with your Mum and sister sounds just what you need. I'm sure inspiration will strike soon and you'll be back in your merry stride, Heather x

  2. What a clever idea to have an outside chalkboard. Looks like a lot of fun.