Friday, 10 May 2013

Catch up...

We have started work on our pantry, we have alittle bit of dry rot in the wooden floor, so we aim to replace that and then louie can replaster and paint the walls and i can have my pantry back.
We have had to clear our pantry out so we are abit cluttered in the kitchen, plus i decided to clean and organise my food shelves.
Zoe called this morning to say little lou lou man wanted to come to nanies and ga's, so our milly bused him over to us, he spent most of the afternoon with his ga.As soon as he arrived i made him his favourite honey sandwich.
Lou lou man and ga take a look at the work that needs doing in the pantry,
I think they get alittle overwhelmed and decide to take our dog for a walk to think of their next plan!
They hide from me in the pantry but i can find them:)
lou lou starts to play with wood, he is really starting to hold his imagination for a long length of time.
All this work and thinking gives the boy and his ga an appetite, i love this picture of our lou he looks so grown up,
They are so alike in so many way's.
Time for play, ramps to be made and block towers to build,
it has been a lovely time and zoe and our eva had some girlie time.
On a different note i am reading a book called home making BYJ.R.MILLER D.D, i read about it on katy's blog Thecountryblossom, i was interested and ordered it, its a christian book, it arrived two day's ago, my time is limited for reading on a daily basis but this book makes me feel i want to set the alarm clock an hour early in the morning just to have extra time to read it!
I drink the words, my faith has been in me ever since i can remember, i am far from perfect and have broke the rules, lost my way at times but have always wanted to be the best person i can be.
This book is answering questions i have questioned for along time.
I kinda feel at a crossroads in my life where i want to get to know the real me and do my very best for my family, it explains the importance in a womans role in the family, she is the very core,she can become a queen if she knows her value and works her role to the best of her ability and with God in everything she does. x

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  1. Your grandson is quite a handsome young man. You're lucky to get so much time with him. Must be exciting to get the pantry refinished.