Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Our humble dwelling...

This humble dwelling we call home has three large bedroom's and a tiny box room, our grandaughter Eva sleeps in the small room when she stay's over, but i thought it was time for a makeover and decorate it just for her.
I do not like carpet in the house , i really love the painted floorboards look, so i researched my paint and found a paint for floorboards, very hard wearing and they had the colour called chalky white. I ordered it on line and it arrived within 3 day's,
 I gave the floorboards two coat's,we  painted the walls in light french grey, with one wall in cath kidson wallpaper,

The floor has had two coats,
Today i bought new bed linen for her and some window decorations, i hope to have the room finished by the weekend.
Louie has been busy downstairs in our pantry, we had a rotton beam in the floor, infact i fell through the floor! Well he has put a new beam in, plasterboard the walls ready for plastering. I am going to paint the walls ash white, this is where my hoover lives, ironing board, work boots etc etc.
Our home really feel's like its coming together, you know when one room flows into another.
I also worked out in the garden sunday, planted some strawberry plants and tomato plants,
the garden is starting to look alittle special,
at last my hosta's are showing life.
Our home is feeling homely and idea's are coming to mind, bunting, homemade cushion covers, crocheting and gardening. Life is good, i am grateful x


  1. How lovely everything will be when it all comes together and is finished. LOVE the floorboards. That's a lot of work, to be sure.

  2. It all looks great! My next job is to paint my little man's bedroom floor.

  3. Beautiful, inside and out.