Wednesday, 1 May 2013

you can not interfere with nature...

Our zoe's cat had her kittens last sunday, there was one that was weaker than the rest, it would not feed and was getting weaker by the hour.
Yesterday eva asked me to take it home and make it better, so we bought a special formula milk and bottle, i drove home with the kitten wrapped in a blanket, hoping that it would survive the journey.
I googled the situation and it said DO NOT REMOVE THE KITTEN FROM ITS MOTHER, oh my heart sank, back in the car, back to zoe's, hoping the mother will not reject her kitten.
Thankfully the mother tried her hardest to get this poor little creature to feed, but sadly it died in the night.This morning our eva was so brave and said a prayer for her little kitten and told her mama not to worry he is in heaven now.
This is a photo i took of eva and  kitten yesterday, she named him softie,
This morning lou lou man came over nanies house, he played with la on the chalkboard,
The sun was shining and we had this lovely little boy all to ourselves,
I think this say's it all,

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