Monday, 24 June 2013

English cottage gardens...

I have not been blogging lately, but, i have still been reading my favourite bloggers posts.
Yesterday was such a lovely day with my mum and sister, i thought this would be a good time to write a post. My mum had this wonderful idea that she would like to see what gardens are open to the public and spend her sunday's looking at other people gardens, its also a very good way to raise money for charities by paying a small entrance fee.
yesterday we went to see gardens in a village not a million miles from home, i think we looked at six gardens, two of them did not interest me but the others were beautiful...
This lady had a secret garden when you walked through the arbour,
this garden below was beautiful and they have clay soil, just like us!
This garden was in the old rectory, it was amazing...
they had planted a garden on top of the kitchen roof!
we loved this old style fencing,
it had its own wildlife pond with a small jetty, i just loved it!
The old rectory was next to the church, we just had to have a look inside.
The church inside is so beautiful, it dates back to the 1100, its small and in great need of some t.l.c but it felt so spiritual inside.
Walking through the door i just thought of all the people over the hundreds of years before me,
i just had such a lovely feeling inside Gods house,
i am going to go to this sunday's service, it was the most beautiful quaint church i have ever been in.
The fields reminded me of when i went to America,
we stopped to have a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake,
the day was just perfect.
Lastly there was some old barns next to the church that my sister and i loved, it reminded us of "bridges of madison county"
we wondered what stories they could tell
to make this lovely village even more special, my nan lived here in the coldest winter of 1963, my dad and my mum lived with nan, my mum told me this was the village i was concieved! How funny but lovely. x

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A beautiful day...

I have had such a lovely day with my mum and sister, but, this evening i am so tired and am going to bed now, but tomorrow i shall tell all with photos. To my mum and sister, i love you xx

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A lovely day at home...

Last night i made plans to make homemade bread this morning, walk our dog across the fields and give him a lovely bath in the bright sunshine. No big deal you might think, but some day's i feel alittle to anxious to walk across the fields, i dont understand why because its something i love to do.
I love to home bake but i have let that slip, the bread i made this morning was not my best but it was a start, it does taste lovely with jam!
I walked across three fields and it was beautiful, the cow parsley smelt heavenly, i still cannot understand why i sometimes feel anxious, i love the exercise it gives me and i love all weather's.
It takes some getting use to all the freedom you have when the children leave home.
Wizard loved the freedom of the fields
i walk thinking how many times i have walked these fields, in snow, fog and rain but today i had sunshine.
I am starting to realise alot of my anxieties are not knowing what to do with myself now the children have their own lives, i made them my world and now i can go where i like when i like but its not knowing where i want to go and do.
I return home pleased with myself, i hang my fresh clean laundry on the line,
 bath wizard and spend some time with our la, she revises in the garden, she has two A level exams left and then she can relax awhile before she has to make decision's about what university she chooses.
A productive day,

Life is good x