Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A lovely day at home...

Last night i made plans to make homemade bread this morning, walk our dog across the fields and give him a lovely bath in the bright sunshine. No big deal you might think, but some day's i feel alittle to anxious to walk across the fields, i dont understand why because its something i love to do.
I love to home bake but i have let that slip, the bread i made this morning was not my best but it was a start, it does taste lovely with jam!
I walked across three fields and it was beautiful, the cow parsley smelt heavenly, i still cannot understand why i sometimes feel anxious, i love the exercise it gives me and i love all weather's.
It takes some getting use to all the freedom you have when the children leave home.
Wizard loved the freedom of the fields
i walk thinking how many times i have walked these fields, in snow, fog and rain but today i had sunshine.
I am starting to realise alot of my anxieties are not knowing what to do with myself now the children have their own lives, i made them my world and now i can go where i like when i like but its not knowing where i want to go and do.
I return home pleased with myself, i hang my fresh clean laundry on the line,
 bath wizard and spend some time with our la, she revises in the garden, she has two A level exams left and then she can relax awhile before she has to make decision's about what university she chooses.
A productive day,

Life is good x


  1. The smell of homemade bread is heavenly. Those fields look like a lovely place to walk.

  2. I love homemade bread especially sourdough bread!! When it's still warm rub a little butter on it! Mmmmm