Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A run around day...

I had three errands to do today, this took my day well into the afternoon,so, no laundry was washed, no hoovering just the basics.
I went to see my mum first thing this morning, she gave me alittle gift, a lovely book with beautiful paper for the pages, it can be a diary, note book, what ever i want it to be, she also bought me a beautiful matching pen, ball point so you know its going to write lovely.
Next stop railway station to pick up milly's rail tickets, she is off to barcelona tomorrow!
Finally to stop and have coffee with our zoe, jade called in so i got to see all my daughters today.
Milly will be away for six days and i think i want to paint her bedroom while she is away, louie said he will paint the ceiling for me, the more i think about it the more i like it.
This weekend is a change over of students,my two girls i have now leave on saturday and my new girls arrive sunday, so saturday is a bed change,spring clean room,clean towels and a food shop!
We had thunderstorms and heavy rain in the night, the garden needed this drink so badly and it was lovely to listen to with the bedroom windows open.
I have no photo's to offer today so i will choose a photo of the day at the beach last week.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Its been awhile...

Its been awhile since i blogged, just for awhile there i needed a mini break, the words would not flow.
Well i have had a few nice days out with people i love, last week i went to the coast twice, once for louie to look at a job, he was recommended to do the plastering in this beautiful little cottage, the owner does not want the work to start until september and invited me to stay with louie while he is working there, she is a lovely lady. We sat in her quirky little garden early on a sunday morning drinking coffee listening to the church bells ringing!
A couple of day's later i went to the coast with my mum,sister and our la, it was the first time i had been to the seaside with my sister, my sister is 52 and i am 50 this year.
 There was a dutch vessel in the harbour which has been turned into a rustic cafe, they served the most amazing dutch pancakes, i had apple cake, i have never tasted cake so good!:)
You have to walk the plank to get on the boat, that was abit of a comedy act for my sister and i.
Once aboard in the lovely sea breeze it was time to eat.
The beach huts by the sea were beautiful,
Our lovely la
There is so much to tell, but i think i have just burnt the pan that i was steaming some potatoes for tea! Well its lovely to be back in blogging land, the sun is very very hot, keep in the shade and drink plenty of water, lots of love x
Oh before i go we have a new kitten called Gene,