Monday, 26 August 2013

My weekend...

 My weekend started out to lunch with my mum and sister,we went to a lovely restaurant by the river, we chatted and went down memory lane, my sister moved in her new home this weekend so we had much to talk about, on the car journey home they had me crying with laughter!
Saturday it rained and i just potted round the house in the morning and went out in the afternoon to see old friends. Sunday louie took me for lunch i had Goats cheese salad, i did not want that to end, we called by to see my sister's new home, its beautiful, it has lovely energy,i, think she is going to be so happy there.
This morning i woke feeling alittle weepy and anxious, i have my mamogram this friday, my second one since my health scare, louie calmed my thoughts and i read my morning verse by charles spurgeon. Louie and i decided to go into town, i needed to change a dress i had bought, town seemed to be buzzing, there was alot of street entertainer's,
We done some clothes shopping, i changed my dress for a better fitted one (sorry no photo's),louie bought a new shirt and a waist coat, it looked like it was made for him,
after a while we began to feel hungry, so i told louie about an italien restaurant i have used a couple of times with the girls,off we trotted,table for two and my treat, i dont think he was comfortable at first with me paying, but i am earning now with my students money.
While writing this post i came across a lovely photo of our lou lou man playing draughts with la, he beat her three times in a row!
Well tomorrow is back to my daily routine, its been a lovely bank holiday weekend, our milly (la) went to notting hill carnival today and our dolly is in rome,we will all have much to talk about once we all get together, best wishes x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

What a week!

Its been a busy week, the first part of the week i was without a car, i felt alittle trapped to the house.
Wednsday was a big day, milly got her A levels results, she got three A levels so this brings university a real option for her, how proud we are of her. Our new car arrived (not brand new, just new to us) wednsday morning, i now have a decent car which is a pleasure to drive, i am so grateful, so i was able to take milly out for lunch,i wanted to buy her something that would always remind her of this special day, she choose a silver ring.We talked about her dreams and goal's she has for the future,my beautiful child that i love and have watched grow into a beautiful young woman.

Yesterday we had a pre birthday party for our Eva, she is 7 yrs old today and her mama and daddy took her and lou lou man to london to see the aquarium,a pirate ship and Hamleys famous toy shop, six floors packed with toy's! The train arrived at kings cross station so she was able to see Harry potters platform 93/4 :)
My sister bought us some lovely food over for the birthday party,
It was a small gathering with my mum and sister, it was perfect we just all enjoyed being with each other.
Our milly and lou lou man, he,loves her so much :)
Eva with her mama.
I will finish this post of Eva's day at the aquarium, 
Eva with her mama,daddy and brother,
Its been a busy week, our two students left this morning, they both left me little notes saying what a happy time they have had, our new student arrives tomorrow. 
Tonight is alittle chilly so louie has lit a small fire in the stove, i think i will curl up now and relax. x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

My weekend...

I start this post with a picture of our kitchen, taken on friday morning, louie had left for work the students had finished their breakfast and my daily chores await me! I do love my kitchen, i spend most of my time in there,
Saturday morning louie cut the grass, i seemed to potter about and walk around with my camera taking pictures of anything that caught my eye...
my gladioli's are in bloom,such a beautiful flower.
The grass cut,washing on the line, through the gate a peek at our land,
Later in the day louie and i went out for a drive, it was nice to spend time together.
Since moving to this lovely village six years ago i feel i just have not found my place of worship, my daughter and grandchildren are catholics in their faith and i have been to many services in their church, its beautiful for me to watch my little grandaughter grow in her faith and know her little brother is following her, but, i was not hearing Gods word coming across to me.
I went to my church of England church in the village and found this enjoyable but i still felt i was not feeling nourished in my hunger to seek my God's word.
We have a baptist church in the village, i drive past it most days, i always glance at it as i pass by, louie has done some plastering work there and for the minister in his home.
Yesterday while out with louie i talked to him about attending sunday morning's service at the baptist church, he fully supported me and encouraged me to try it, just walk through the door, i thought if i do not like it i can leave anytime.So this morning i washed and dressed for church and took my first step inside, i was greeted by a charming lady who welcomed me in, i sat at the back ready to make my exit if needed!!! Before i go any further i must explain nearly two years ago i was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, the outcome was positive,it was caught very early.its how it changed me mentally that was the biggest change, i needed answers, i was confused with my faith,i, was losing my grip and i knew i needed to make changes so i could come to terms with this experience and find acceptance, only then could i move forward and get back on with my life.
I immediately felt comfortable, once the service started i was relaxed, the songs we sang were so beautiful and meaningful, i just drank the minister's word's, the message was coming across loud and clear, the prayer's were comforting and with such feeling, i cannot tell you how i feel tonight, i just feel so encouraged and feel loved by my God.
At last i feel i have found my place of worship, my heart feels like it wants to burst.
I took many photo's yesterday but i just want to finish this post with a lovely photo i took of a farmhouse we walked past yesterday, its been a big day for me and i can feel myself getting tired, i will be ready for my bed soon, but i just wanted to put my feelings into words. x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

At a crossroads...

I seem to be reading alot lately of ladies making changes in their lives, starting new chapters.
Some are empty nesting, with the children growing up, ladies are going back to work to bring in an extra income to contribute to the household funds.
I seem to have found myself in this crossroads of life, we still have our milly at home but how long for? Universitiy calls her, maybe she will travel, sooner or later she will go into the big wide world, home will always be here for her.
I have decided to rent a room to students, which i have to provide bed,breakfast and an evening meal, this was no easy decision, having people you do not know living under your roof for up to three weeks at a time. It has helped me to food shop wisely, helped me to improve my daily routine,to, become more organised, i have chose to do this as to going out to work, i still want to spend time in my home and keeping on top of my daily chores.
I am also starting to get to know myself, does that sound strange? I have started to grow my hair, very slowly my style of dress is changing, i want to become more feminine, i want to behave in a certain manner, i try to think before i speak, i do not like to watch to much t.v, i do not read newspaper's.
I am grateful and adore my loved ones, how they support me on this new chapter of my life, i am fifty next month, i am ready to embrace this beautiful age and know how grateful i feel that my God fulfills all my needs.
I do sometimes feel anxious, but i know i am ready for the changes, life cannot stay the same, faith has to be tested sometimes to make it stronger. x

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

School holidays...

Its our Eva's birthday soon and she wants a goldfish and tank for a birthday present. We took her off to a garden centre where they had a large aqarium, we were able to feed the fish for a small donation, she loved this part.
They loved looking through the window at the fish under water,
After today she most definitely inlove with the idea of having her very own fish!
Its hard to believe this little girl was in hospital friday evening, due to a virus,
I just love this photo of them all laughing!
I hope to pick up the paint brush at the end of the week, i am in the middle of painting our milly's bedroom.
The weather was a comfortable 19 degrees today, it makes life so much easier. x

Monday, 5 August 2013

lifes little changes...

After washing breakfast dishes, my monday morning ironing pile awaited my attention, i do not like my laundry pile to build up, it can make me quite anxious. My mum suggested i buy this new steam iron that just glides through the laundry, she knows me so well. Last friday i made my mind up to take our la out for lunch and buy a new iron.
This is it, i ironed my pile in half the time, they are alittle expensive but very much worth it.
My ironing,
This past weekend our grandaughter was rushed into hospital, she caught a virus which caused her to dehydrate, so she had to spend the night in hospital to get some fluids into her.
This meant we got to have our grandson lou lou man stay with us for the weekend, he was such a good boy,
He has boiled egg for breakfast,
he came with me to walk our dog down the lane, louie worked in the morning but came home at lunchtime with doughnuts for everyone,
Lou lou man stayed close to his ga (grandad) for the rest of the day,
I love this photo of them, our Eva came home saturday evening but we kept lou lou man with us another night.
I am making little changes, i am decorating our milly's bedroom, i am going at a snails pace as i still have my housework to do, cook and clean for two students.
I am also growing my hair, something i have wanted to do for a very long time, i can now twist it and put it up in a clip!
I am reading daily about Gods word, i can feel my confidence coming back slowly after suffering with anxietiy last year,i am so grateful. x