Monday, 5 August 2013

lifes little changes...

After washing breakfast dishes, my monday morning ironing pile awaited my attention, i do not like my laundry pile to build up, it can make me quite anxious. My mum suggested i buy this new steam iron that just glides through the laundry, she knows me so well. Last friday i made my mind up to take our la out for lunch and buy a new iron.
This is it, i ironed my pile in half the time, they are alittle expensive but very much worth it.
My ironing,
This past weekend our grandaughter was rushed into hospital, she caught a virus which caused her to dehydrate, so she had to spend the night in hospital to get some fluids into her.
This meant we got to have our grandson lou lou man stay with us for the weekend, he was such a good boy,
He has boiled egg for breakfast,
he came with me to walk our dog down the lane, louie worked in the morning but came home at lunchtime with doughnuts for everyone,
Lou lou man stayed close to his ga (grandad) for the rest of the day,
I love this photo of them, our Eva came home saturday evening but we kept lou lou man with us another night.
I am making little changes, i am decorating our milly's bedroom, i am going at a snails pace as i still have my housework to do, cook and clean for two students.
I am also growing my hair, something i have wanted to do for a very long time, i can now twist it and put it up in a clip!
I am reading daily about Gods word, i can feel my confidence coming back slowly after suffering with anxietiy last year,i am so grateful. x

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