Sunday, 11 August 2013

My weekend...

I start this post with a picture of our kitchen, taken on friday morning, louie had left for work the students had finished their breakfast and my daily chores await me! I do love my kitchen, i spend most of my time in there,
Saturday morning louie cut the grass, i seemed to potter about and walk around with my camera taking pictures of anything that caught my eye...
my gladioli's are in bloom,such a beautiful flower.
The grass cut,washing on the line, through the gate a peek at our land,
Later in the day louie and i went out for a drive, it was nice to spend time together.
Since moving to this lovely village six years ago i feel i just have not found my place of worship, my daughter and grandchildren are catholics in their faith and i have been to many services in their church, its beautiful for me to watch my little grandaughter grow in her faith and know her little brother is following her, but, i was not hearing Gods word coming across to me.
I went to my church of England church in the village and found this enjoyable but i still felt i was not feeling nourished in my hunger to seek my God's word.
We have a baptist church in the village, i drive past it most days, i always glance at it as i pass by, louie has done some plastering work there and for the minister in his home.
Yesterday while out with louie i talked to him about attending sunday morning's service at the baptist church, he fully supported me and encouraged me to try it, just walk through the door, i thought if i do not like it i can leave anytime.So this morning i washed and dressed for church and took my first step inside, i was greeted by a charming lady who welcomed me in, i sat at the back ready to make my exit if needed!!! Before i go any further i must explain nearly two years ago i was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, the outcome was positive,it was caught very early.its how it changed me mentally that was the biggest change, i needed answers, i was confused with my faith,i, was losing my grip and i knew i needed to make changes so i could come to terms with this experience and find acceptance, only then could i move forward and get back on with my life.
I immediately felt comfortable, once the service started i was relaxed, the songs we sang were so beautiful and meaningful, i just drank the minister's word's, the message was coming across loud and clear, the prayer's were comforting and with such feeling, i cannot tell you how i feel tonight, i just feel so encouraged and feel loved by my God.
At last i feel i have found my place of worship, my heart feels like it wants to burst.
I took many photo's yesterday but i just want to finish this post with a lovely photo i took of a farmhouse we walked past yesterday, its been a big day for me and i can feel myself getting tired, i will be ready for my bed soon, but i just wanted to put my feelings into words. x


  1. Lovely post, thank you for sharing....

  2. FAITH comes from within. If you've found somewhere that speaks to you, you'll be happy.

  3. I love your kitchen!!!

    Welcome home to your new church!! I know the feeling you are describing!! There's nothing like it!!

  4. What a lovely kitchen you have. I do like oval tables. It's easy to scoot over and make room for one more.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
    Harvest Lane Cottage