Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A tired girl tonight...

I thought i must write my blog this evening before i fall asleep, the last 10 days have been alittle trying, i went for my 2nd mamogram 10 days ago, this morning there was no post so i decided to call the breast clinic, i could wait no longer for the results, i am so relieved my mamogram is clear, i thank my God for his love he has given me in the last few weeks.
 Louie and i took another trip to the seaside this weekend, we went on our own, it was such a beautiful sunny day, we ate fish and chips ( well louie did) and dutch pancakes.
Tea for two
We watched the birds dive in the water to catch the fish, the view was breath taking,
 We headed down to the beach as i wanted to show louie the beach huts, there was one for sale, i enquired how much...£60,000!
The view from the huts was beautiful,
I guess thats what you call a £60,000 view!
There were some that needed some tlc,

I loved this one. 
Today i made homemade apple and blackberry pie,it was not my best, it needed more sugar.
Well its been a long day, a very thankful day, but i am ready for my bed. x


  1. LOVE the beach huts. It would be a dream come true to have one.

  2. So glad your results were clear, you must be so relieved ...

    Take Care,

    Love Claire xxx

  3. PRAISE GOD!!! I love the view from the restaurant!! I could sit there for hours!!

  4. hi Jackie, great to hear from you. So glad you had good results. That's a lovely picture of you sitting by the beach hut! Heather x

  5. Apple pie looks good to me! I'm useless at pastry. Thought I'd stop by after you had kindly visited me. And I'm pleased to hear you had good news and can now relax.

    not tonight josephine