Saturday, 7 December 2013

Alittle christmas magic...

I felt alittle christmas magic creep in to our kitchen this morning, we were all up and had breakfast, louie went out to chop wood and do jobs in the garden, i had a few cleaning jobs in the kitchen that needed ticking off the list before christmas. I am slowly putting christmas decorations around our home. I was busy going about my business when i had a moment where i wanted to remind myself of proverb 31, i find great comfort and wisdom in these words.
 I do not feel these word mean for me to be subservient, but to love my role as a partner and mother, i have moments where i struggle but my heart is with good intention, and i hold my position in this lovely family of mine with much love.
I hang some christmas baubles from the kitchen light, i think i will keep them up after christmas.
Do you like these little paper lanterns? I have hung them on my book shelves, in those lovely tins i keep my assortments of buttons, and cotton reel's.The book in the background is by Shirley Hughes, she writes and illustrates it for the little girl that lives in her, its beautiful, my girls use to love her books when they were little, i still have them all :)
This evening i am sitting by the woodburner and hope to finish crocheting my bunting. x


  1. a lovely post, I still have decorations I left up on my light from last year, that reminds me, I must show you. Also love Shirley Hughes, I miss those days, having just one they went by all to soon! Heather x

  2. I feel as though we just had a cup of tea together. Your decorations are lovely. Not much of a paper lantern paper person for my place, but I enjoy them at others' homes.