Monday, 9 December 2013

* Home *

This is the snug area in our kitchen, i have spent the day cleaning so i have more free time this week to hopefully finish my christmas shopping.
You see the bookcase in the right hand corner? I am going to buy some paint tomorrow to give it a lick of paint in a light colour, my books are in boxes in our bedroom and i need to bring them back where i can see them. I love getting lost in the pages curled up in the evening. x


  1. What a lovely little corner of your house. I too love to read.

  2. All spick and span, it's easier to think then isn't it! the bookcase idea sounds great, I really miss my books too. They are all in the hall way now and I think I need to find a way of bringing them back in without them looking too heavy. I'll have to ponder a painted bookcase! Good luck with everything, Heather x