Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Smiles and hot chocolate...

This is our lou lou man,his sister Eva was poorly today and had to go to the doctors, she has an ear infection.The doctor gave her antibiotics, so , on the way home their lovely mama (
zoe) took them for a hot chocolate, smiles all round! :)
This is the poorly girl, i think this is her first  smile all week! you can see she is not herself, her eyes look tired,with alittle bit of tender loving care she will be better soon.
Today is the start of lent, i have decided to give up chocolate, i do not have a very sweet tooth but i am in the habit of having alittle bit of chocolate in the evenings. I thought about jesus today, in the desert with no food and the devil constantly trying to tempt him. I wonder how much i will be tempted to give up and eat my chocolate, this will be only a tiny speck of sand to what jesus went through.
I pray to stay strong.x