Friday, 15 March 2013

our lane...

A walk down our lane gives me much to think about.
Next week louie goes to france to work so i will be home alone, no, thats not strictly true, milly will be home, our student and wizard our faithful guard dog.
What will i do, i will have to do louie's chores, keeping the wood pile stocked for the woodburner, wizard needs walking everyday.I have started a paint project (pictures to be taken), i have my crochet, i want to take my mum out to lunch, i want to get alittle lazy with meal times and spend time with milly watching the films we like! yes thats a point how will i cope having full control over the t.v remote :)
I have mastered my crochet stitch, a half treble stitch, i had nearly croched my cowl but knew there was faults with it and decided to unravel and start again, it has to be as near perfect as i can make it.
My crochet is calling me as i write, wishing you all a lovely weekend, i will be spending the day with my irish grandchildren on sunday. x